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Just won a Stephen Hall print at the PS3 auction. Yes!

Just won a Stephen Hall print at the PS3 auction. Yes!

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1980 Gibson Firebrand 335S Standard

The original Gibson Firebrand series was a lower priced alternative to the Standard series SG and Les Paul guitars. There was no Studio series in 1980 which is the year of this shown example.

I see these guitars listed as having a walnut body which is NOT the case. These guitars feature solid maple bodies finished in a walnut stain. While this Firebrand has a two piece body jointed at the center, it is common to find these Firebrand series guitars with 3 or more pieces of maple making up its body. The neck which features a volute at the weak point between the headstock and the neck, is made of three pieces of maple which is typical for this era from Gibson.

This Firebrand guitar is a 335s Standard which is a solid body version of the famous ES335 guitars.

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My friends new blog all about guitars! Very informative - Nice!

UNSOUND – How Musicians and Creators Survive in the Age of Free - Great look at where the creative world is headed.....

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